Michael D. Nicola

Michael D. Nicola
Transportation Design

The City of Detroit is a barren shell of its former self, its abandoned factories and warehouses serving as havens for criminals, drug users, and the homeless. For Detroit to thrive again significant change is needed. This means destroying the old to make way for the new. And while sweeping changes to Detroit's landscape would bring a renewed sense of prosperity, they also bring with them the risk that the culture and history of this automotive Mecca will be forgotten.

But what if a car could inspire such a revitalization? And, what if this car could also preserve a part of Detroit's history and culture? A lofty order by any measure, but such a car may be the catalyst needed to move Detroit into the next phase of its history, while paying homage to it's glorious past. Inspirational changes of this magnitude could only be accomplished by the most iconic of brands. And there is no more iconic brand in America than Corvette.

Detroit is the Corvette's maternal home. What started as a big, clumsy, underpowered machine, promptly dubbed the "plastic bathtub", has became America's answer to the best the world's automakers had to offer. A baptism by fire, the Corvette's performance, style, and attitude have been honed on the streets of the Motor City.

The proposal for this project is simple: to reclaim the old iron and steel from these abandoned factories and warehouses, and use it to build such a vehicle. This material - the very soul of Detroit - would forever be embedded within this vehicle, preserved as a tribute to a city that has given the world ultimate mobility and freedom.