Yongbang Ho

Yongbang Ho
Transportation Design

2035 Road trip with IPT expressway

Fast-paced interconnected world and its matchless advances in science and technology create new perspective of lifestyle. People feel that our world rapidly getting smaller. They can see what is happening on the opposite side of world in their living room and their business territory is easily reached worldwide. A large amount of local resources and goods are transported off to great distances. The life territory of today is global.

What kind of transportation are we currently using for our modern society? The air plane is the fastest mobility for long distance trip. Even though, a great amount of effort has been made by the commercial airline industry to provide a fast and comfortable long distance trips, some makes conscious decisions to use the cars for experiences. They choose to drive or pursue road trips, which maybe psychologically and physically demanding, to gain sense of control for personal satisfactions and memories. With unlimited routes and simplified logistics, the driving experience provides control of the vehicle and the experiences that consists of enjoyment of conversations and laughter with your loved ones.

Goal of the thesis is to propose a long distance trip vehicle and road system designed for year 2035, to enhance the key elements of the road trip.