BA Industrial Design

The Industrial Design Programme educates designers with focus on a better future. After graduation our students are prepared to work both as individual professionals and in innovative inter-disciplinary teams.  Industrial design deals with the interaction between the user, the context and the artefact or service. A key factor to create innovative design concepts are the holistic and user-focused creative process. Such process includes an analytic and reflective conceptualisation that tests and evaluates ideas using models and sketches.

At UID students learn how to combine all elements of the design process, from problem-finding to “reflection-in-action” including strong visual communication.

All degree projects have been initiated, planned, implemented and communicated independently by the students. Every project has been carried out within 10 weeks and in collaboration with external parties. Professional industrial designers from industry were involved as tutors along the project.

This year’s degree work shows a wide range of interesting and topical areas for industrial design such as economics, medical and professional devices. It also shows totally new concepts for sports, communication and entertainment. The results are logical and attractive solutions to essential problems. A collection of projects that promote positive change for us all.