MA Transportation Design

The Transportation Design Programme in Umeå is unique for its scope of interest, dealing with the whole transportation design field in co-operation with industry. Students are educated to have an open mind on both conceptual ideas and detailed realistic design solutions. They are encouraged to have a balanced thinking process where form and function work together.

The population growth and density and the environmental issues are challenging the transportation industry. New solutions to vehicles and transport systems must be found. Different cultures and continents require different solutions. Innovation for mobility is required globally. Designers have a major role to play in developing functional, safe and ergonomic products and systems which will include qualities that are desirable and appealing to an increasingly intelligent and discerning group of users.

For this degree exhibition our multinational group of students presented the aesthetics of sustainability, the sound landscape of electric cars in the near future and an advanced warning system that influences good driving behavior improving road safety. And these just to mention a few projects that we worked with this year.