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2011.10.24 - 2011.10.28

Sketching Haptics

Tutor and Participants

Camille Moussette (UID)

Mehrnaz Ataei, email
Camila Carneiro, email
Sor Chintanamanus, email
Bilal Khan, email
Vivian Lo, email
Naushin Malik, email

Jessica Myra, email
Brian Oko, email
Carol Tang, email
Ine Marie Vassøy, email
(Lizzy)Yan Xu, email


This 5 day workshop will explore the world of haptic and probe various ways that designers can work with interfaces that actively engage with our sense of touch. The workshop will be very hands-on as we will sketch various haptic ideas right from the start. Students will use various prototyping tools, mediums and approaches to gradually refine their sensitivity to the topic.

Workshop program, pdf

Photos and videos

Flickr set: Sketching Haptics workshop @ UID 2011. Share you pictures and videos if possible. Thanks!

Weekly video reports are posted below and on this Vimeo album


Participants are required to read/review the following documents prior to Wednesday 9h30.

  • Buchenau, M.,Fulton Suri, J. 2000. Experience prototyping. In Proceedings of the 3rd conference on Designing interactive systems: processes, practices, methods, and techniques (DIS '00), Daniel Boyarski and Wendy A. Kellogg (Eds.). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 424-433. pdf
  • Lim,Y.K., Stolterman, E., and Tenenberg, J. 2008. The anatomy of prototypes: Prototypes as filters, prototypes as manifestations of design ideas. ACM Trans. Comput.-Hum. Interact. 15, 2, Article 7 (July 2008), 27 pages. pdf
  • Houde, S., Hill, C. What do prototypes prototype?, in Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction (2nd Ed.), Helander M., Landauer T., Prabhu P. (eds.). Elsevier Science B. V. Amsterdam, 1997. pdf
  • Hayward, V., MacLean, K. E. 2007. Do It Yourself Haptics, Part I, IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, vol. 14, no. 4, pages 88-104, December 2007. pdf
  • MacLean, K. E., Hayward, V. 2008. Do It Yourself Haptics, Part II: Interaction Design, IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, vol. 15, no. 1, pages 104-119, March 2008. pdf
  • [optional] NUI - What’s in a Name?, Bill Buxton, Microsoft Research, 90 minutes presentation, link



  • 09h00 Introduction, aims and goals of the week, practicalities, reading assignment, slides
  • 10h30 Presentation: What is Haptics, Homo Faber, make to learn and learn to make, Prototyping skills/attitude what is haptics?, sketching levels
  • 11h00 Task 1: Making Things Move, no Arduino allowed slides with keywords
  • 13h00 Arduino and Processing crash course, if you feel you need it
  • 15h00 Mechanisms and Actuation, book Making Things Move
  • 16h45 Recap of the day, see you Wednesday

Tuesday (Camille away in Malmö)

  • 09h00-10h30 (HCI students, iLab intro) / researching crowd interactions
  • 10h30-11h00 Research presentation, Floda31 Creature chat (Rich and Stoffel)
  • 11h00-12h00 exercises: the feel of groups, physical interactions
  • 13h00-14h00 (degree project guidelines)
  • 14h00-15h00 document, present, reflect
  • 15-00-17h00 Work on Task 1 and reading time


  • 09h30 Review and documentation of Task 1
  • 10h30 Literature Circle
  • 13h00 Intro to Arduino, blinking and fading LED
  • 14h30 Controlling a motor with AF Motor Shield, wiki page with details and sample code
  • 15h00 UID Wednesday lecture


  • 09h00 Controlling motor via serial and Processing
  • 10h00 Review of the various haptic setups, Kinect with Processing, Haptuator with Motor Shield
  • 13h00 Task 2: Build your first Haptic Interface, slides
  • 13h15 Work on Task 2, Camille available for tutoring/assitance
  • 15h30 Camille presents MSR work and demos: first presentation TEI paper + video, second presentation not publicly available


  • 09h00 Work on Task 2, Camille available for tutoring/assitance
  • 14h00 Review and documentation of Task 2
  • 16h00 Workshop debrief
  • 16h30 Workshop cleanup
  • 17h00 End of the workshop




Mechanisms, hardware and electronics

Video reports


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