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2011.10.31 - 2011.11.04

Mobile Hacking


Adam Meyer (Tellart)
David Sjunnesson (Tellart)


(also available as google doc)


During this course you will get an introduction to possible ways of prototyping mobile experiences using Android and Arduino. We will mainly be using Processing, a java framework, to connect up to Arduino boards that is controlling your custom electronics that together forms the the mobile experience. This setup enables us to quickly iterate on your design starting of with a simple idea that we then can work on to create a full mobile experience.

The focus in this workshop is going to be on hands on experience meaning that you will be introduced to different areas and technologies which is then explored and tested by you during mini assignments and in the final project.


You are going to be using two different hardware tools in the form of Android phones and Arduino ADK boards. This setup allows us to, relatively, easy create custom electronics and software to explore your designs and ideas. To help us working with this we are going to use Processing which is a java framework designed for creative coding, designers and artists which takes care of a lot of the background functionality and help us focus on creating innovative designs. During your projects you will also have full access to both of us to help and guide you through the projects to create the best outcome.


After this course you will have gotten an introduction to the area of mobile experiences connected with the physical world . You will have created a project together with your group for you to continue building on or to use in your portfolio and gotten an array of different tips and tricks on how to work in this field of mobile experiences.


You need to bring your own computer with full admin rights If you have a Android phone that you want to use then please bring it and we will see if it is compatible.



  • Introduction about who we are and what we do
  • Introduction to mobile hacking techniques and available hardware
  • Installation of software on computers


  • Mini exercises mobile hacking


  • Own project time with tutoring
  • (1500-1600 Wednesday lecture)


  • Own project time with tutoring


  • 0900 Final debuging and preperations for presentation
  • 1400 Final presentation
  • Workshop spaces cleanup

Resources and Bibliography

Video Reports







Human Circuit by Ine&Jess


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