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Week 37: Rapid prototyping for data driven experiences

The last decade has been a teaser of the disruptive force and the fundamental impact data will have on our lives. You, the next generation of interaction designers, will be able to work with an unseen amount of machine learned insights and understanding of human behaviour and its context. In this module you will explore the value of data in designing interactions - from augmentation to surveillance.

Kaveh Shirdel - Director of Interaction Design
Friedrich Foerstner - Data Strategist
both from Designit München


(1 topic to be chosen by each team):

  1. Mobility and Travel
  2. Community
  3. Health

Week Overview

  • About you, about us
  • Introduction & inspiration (what we mean by data driven, why prototyping)
  • Briefing and overview of tools
  • Topic choice and grouping
  • Research
  • Concept generation & presentation preparation
  • Scale and scope of prototyping
  • In depth overview of tool
  • Presentation of concept - elevator pitch
  • Concept refinement
  • Low fidelity prototyping session and user test (e.g. paper prototyping or body storming)
  • Building session I
  • Discussion on Apple's product presentations
  • Building session II
  • (afternoon: student sports day)
  • Bergfest
  • On Innovation (Diffusion curves, perceived attributes, STEEP/PEST analysis)
  • Building session III and IV
  • Anatomy of a failed project and why to fail early
  • Career advice
  • Monetization models
  • Building session V
  • Workspaces cleanup
  • Presentation - Board (Vorstand)
  • Reflections and feedback

Results of the week

  • Working experience prototypes
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