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Project Brief Seminar - Oct 21

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Teacher: Niklas Andersson

09.00: Kick-off in Green Room

09.10 - 11.45: Parallel seminar sessions in four different rooms

Each student has 30 minutes each to present, discuss and get feedback on the brief and the basic storyline with and from the other seminar participants. Free presentation format.
NOTE: Bring hard copies of your material OR email it in advance to Niklas and the seminar participants in your room.

Green Room:
James, Mathias, Lars & Mariano, Julia, Tais

White Room:
Lauren, Jiaojiao, Mady, Regi

Black Room:
Kevin, Marcel, Sreyan, Victor

Lower Conference Room:
Jenni, Delphine, Aylin, Yedan, Migle

11.45 - 12.00: Wrap-up session in Green Room

12.00: End of seminar

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