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 +====Assignment 1====
 +Below you find a bunch of keywords. Pick one and make three sketches that move 1, 10 and 100mm in relation to that term. Human interaction should be the actuation/​trigger/​controlling factor.
 +We leave it up to you to choose if this is something completely mechanic, electronic or screen based, but remember that time is short and the focus is on making expressions of the word. Also think about what the choice of medium does to the kinds of expressions you're aiming for.
 +======grow, explode, shrink, scale, rotate, pulse, flick, rest, disappear, clutch, release, hold, capture, pin, prompt, confirm, repreat, stable, glide, slide, stop, hit, kick, cancel, ease in/out, ramp, augment, increase, decrease, agitate, shake, twist, transform, bounce, cycle, follow, guide, grab, screw, implode, circulate, constrain, channel, force, lead, invite, smooth, hard, harsh, solid, soft, compliant, bounce, spring, break, stop, collide, permute, accelerate, react, curse, possess, sacrifice======
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