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 +=====5ID193 Communication for Co-Creation===== ​
 +Course responsible:​ [[http://​​adityapawar|Aditya Pawar]]\\
 +Tutors: [[http://​​adityapawar|Aditya Pawar]]\\
 +[[https://​​people/​brendon-clark|Brendon Clark]]\\
 +[[http://​​lindabresater|Linda Bresäter]]\\
 +[[http://​​niklasandersson|Niklas Andersson]]\\
 +[[http://​​rickardastrom|Rickard Åstrom]]\\
 +Course dates:\\
 +Feb 22nd to March 24th 2016.\\
 +Please refer to time-edit for updated course schedule.\\
 +Course theme:\\
 +This course, 5ID193: Communication Design for Co-Creation,​ is the newest addition to the Interaction Design curriculum, with focus on broadening communication design as utilized in ethnography,​ co-design and service design practice.\\
 +The purpose of this course is for the students to: \\
 +- Explore alternative ways, through traditional and new media \\
 +- Visualize and communicate information with focus on service design \\
 +- Provide training in running co-creative design processes together with users and stakeholders. \\
 +Academic Aims: \\
 +After completion of this course, the student should be able to: \\
 +- Visually explore communication design. \\
 +- Account for various graphic design traditions such as information design and new media. \\
 +- Use relevant software for processing images, graphic design and illustrations. \\
 +- Communicate design processes via traditional and new media. \\
 +- Manage co-creative activities with users and other stakeholders. \\
 +- Account for possibilities and challenges that can emerge during co-creative processes. \\
 +i. Weekly:\\
 +This course consists of a series of exercises that will be examined continuously throughout the course. These exercises can be individual or team-based.\\
 +ii. Thursday March 24 @ 12.00am:\\
 +By the end of this course, you will hand in an 8-page visual reflection paper* where you will describe, in 75% visuals and 25% text, your personal reflections on:\\
 +- The value of Communication Design in co-creation practice\\
 +- Challenges and opportunities with co-creative approaches to design and research\\
 +- Other issues you would like to reflect upon \\
 +*Email as a Pdf (not more than 5MB) to \\
 +Course presentations:​\\
 +[[https://​​file/​d/​0B1mnFe9QsJOcTXJjVWhiOGdPMGM/​view?​usp=sharing| 22nd Feb_Introduction to course]]\\
 +[[https://​​file/​d/​0B1mnFe9QsJOcTXMzcExCM2dJOEk/​view?​usp=sharing| 23rd feb_Ethnography,​an introduction]]\\
 +[[https://​​file/​d/​0B1mnFe9QsJOcb2t2UjJ2M1Z5NEU/​view?​usp=sharing| 29rd feb_Workshop on workshops]]\\
 +Useful templates (resources):​\\
 +[[https://​​file/​d/​0B1mnFe9QsJOcRGpvUUdiQTYyUUE/​view?​usp=sharing| Story-telling templates]]\\
 +Recommended readings:\\
 +[[https://​​file/​d/​0B1mnFe9QsJOcRGpvUUdiQTYyUUE/​view?​usp=sharing|Ethnographic Field Methods and Their Relation to Design]]\\
 +[[https://​​file/​d/​0B1mnFe9QsJOcQ0hGcGJnZi10RGc/​view?​usp=sharing|Action-oriented design
 +Formal documents regarding course:\\
 +[[https://​​file/​d/​0B1mnFe9QsJOcNnRhV0MtUUUxTUE/​view?​usp=sharing|Course Plan Spring 2016]]\\
 +\\ [[http://​​english/​education/​exchange-students/​courselist/​course?​code=5ID193|Course Syllabus 5ID193]]
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