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Conference Paper Writing for SIDeR'11

SIDeR 2011 website

1. Preparation: February 7 - 9 (intro Monday February 7 at 12.30 in Banana Holken)

This stage consists of:
• estimating the time available for the task
• identifying what the question is asking of you
• consider the charateristics of academic writing Wikipedia on academic writing
• researching or carrying out an experiment or collecting data
• making notes
• thinking over your ideas

2. Planning: February 9 (intro Wednesday February 9 at 12.30 in Banana Holken)

Planning your paper involves:
• working out an appropriate and logical structure Writing exercises for self-directed study from Victoria University of Wellington , NZ
• identifying what is relevant and what is not (possible topics from the SIDeR 2011 conference call for papers):

  • interaction design process and design for interaction
  • engaging fieldwork and ethnographic insights into design processes
  • engaging actors and users in participatory design and innovation, design games
  • tangible and skilled interaction
  • tangible business models, exploring and channeling opportunities for innovation through design
  • interactional dimensions of design methods
  • practices of organizational interaction in design
  • workspace design and eco-design

• taking account of the word limit: four pages and about 2000 words
• format the paper according to the conference template: standard ACM format
• refining your ideas Advice on Academic Writing
• selecting appropriate evidence or quotations

3. Drafting: February 9 - 14 (intro Wednesday February 9 at 12.30 in Banana Holken)

This stage comprises a single task:
• writing the paper, perhaps with one or more early drafts

4. Polishing: February 14 - 16 (switch papers and review someone else’s paper via email starting Monday February 14 Peer review form)

Polishing your paper means:
• reviewing what you have written and making changes
• checking your spelling and grammar Test your grammatical knowledge with this Grammar Quiz
• making sure your references are correct
• checking the word count

5. Letting go: February 16 (intro Wednesday February 16 at 12.30 in Green PC-Holken)

This is more than just sending off your paper. Letting go includes:
• deciding when the paper is finished
• submitting the paper Friday February 18 to yosh at

6. Reflecting on review feedback: March 18

And finally:
• comparing your self-review with the reviewers comments

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