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5ID202 Degree Project in Interaction Design

Course responsible: Monica Lindh Karlsson
Tutors: Søren Rosenbak, Tara Mullaney, Marije de Haas

MFA in Interaction Design Program Syllabus Swedish and an informal, partial translation to english, regarding national and local educational goals here
Degree Course Syllabus
Degree Guidelines 2016
How to structure your Degree report 2016 Updated 2016-05-02

Niklas' presentation slides "Design Representations: Sketches, Mock-ups, POCs and Prototypes"

If you want to cite the lecture in your thesis, add it like this to your reference list:

Andersson, N. (2016). The Wonderful World of Design Representations - Sketches, Mock-ups, POCs and Prototypes. Presentation, Umeå Institute of Design.

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