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Designing Haptics Studio @ TEI 2012

February 21st 2012, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.



Mouna Andraos, Jorge Cardoso, Andrea Cuadra, Christian Dell, Christoph Eichhorn, Jill Fantauzzacoffin, Jonas Forsslund, Katrin Gaedcke, Scotty Hoag, Eva Hornecker, Jonathan Morrissey, Le Viet Nguyen, Hendrik Richter, Jelle Saldien, Paul Strohmeier, Kiyoshi Tomimatsu, Leonie Urff, Katrin Wolf, Kuan-Ju Wu, and a few more

Photos and videos

farm8.staticflickr.com_7066_6926290063_257f5aaa11_s.jpg farm8.staticflickr.com_7038_6926291815_bb780fe71e_s.jpg farm8.staticflickr.com_7044_6780173812_c6bf19a429_s.jpg farm8.staticflickr.com_7060_6780172394_2021b49bbc_s.jpg farm8.staticflickr.com_7041_6926288379_cc8be15fb1_s.jpg farm8.staticflickr.com_7179_6780172026_8e320ed831_s.jpg farm8.staticflickr.com_7046_6926288005_3d62b143b5_s.jpg

Flickr set (with videos): TEI 2012 Designing Haptics Studio.

Please share your pictures and videos of the workshop. If you are not comfortable with the publication of some material, let me know and I'll remove and take it offline.

Studio Equipment

  • Arduino + Motor Shield
  • Motors, actuators, servos, solenoids, etc.
  • Construction kits: Mecchano + MicroRax
  • Building supplies (limited): foamcore, hot glue, felt, etc

Studio Schedule

The Studio will have three main phases: an introduction to Haptics (talks/presentations), a review and exploration of the demos and hardware sketches (hands-on), and lastly a hands-on session where participants will build, modify, hack and sketch new haptic interfaces (participants actively working).

12h30 to 13h30

  • Welcome message, introduction of coordinators and participants, practicalities, schedule of the Studio
  • Introduction on haptics, sketching in hardware, aesthetics of interaction. Camille's slides

13h30 to 14h00

  • Hands-on walk through of the demo’s and prototyping platforms provided by coordinators.

14h00 to 15h00

  • Work in teams of 2
  • Build haptic sketch, focus on the construction/tech.

15h00 to 15h20

  • Break

15h20 to 16h30

  • Focus on the experience
  • Explore the qualities/ defining parameters of haptic experience

16h30 to 17h30

  • Presentation and tangible exploration of all sketches; discussion on the challenges and solutions in building each sketch.
  • Discussion, Documentation, Reflection and wrap up.


Interaction Design for Haptics

Some tips and ideas to build haptic interfaces quickly

  • Use audio to drive haptics (easy to edit), but not available for all actuators/controllers
  • Use the world to control the world! Map analog sensor to haptic output instead of coding complex behaviours. Processing sketch to visualize analogSensor

Sketching in Hardware

  • Shortcuts are inevitable, focus on sketches that inform your design questions.
  • Have multiples/variations of the same haptic interfaces
  • Tradeoff between development time vs durability



Hardware and electronics

Code samples

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