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Experience Prototyping

Schedule: id2_w41-45_2008_v06.pdf [last updated 2 nov 11.00]

Course plan: ided_12-exp_pro_2008_v02.pdf

Project brief: ided_12-cut_the_wires_2008.pdf


Monday October 6
  • Introduction to the course, interesting books and literature
  • Toolkits and Frameworks presentation toolkits_frameworks_2008.pdf
  • Documentary Coming Attractions IMDB
Tuesday October 7
Wednesday October 8
Thursday October 9
  • 13.00 Anatomy of Prototypes by Erik Stolterman. In the Research room. Please read the article prior to the discussion.
Friday October 10
  • 8.30 Flash presentations at HumLab
  • 13.00 weekly video reports. Package your activities of the week in a short and simple video. It could be sequence of images, no fancy editing required.
Monday October 13
Tuesday October 14
Thursday October 16
Friday October 17
Monday October 20
  • Intro to Matt and Brian and the work of Tellart
  • Intro to I/O kits and keyboard hacking
  • Give assignment: Interactive Halloween Costumes (each costume must interact with your partners' and other classmates' in some designed fashion)
  • Team + Class project brainstorm
  • Intro to NADA
  • Link to ITP Zipper Sensor Tutorial:
Tuesday October 21

Tuesday October 21 - Friday October 24
  • Intensive work sessions

NOTICE FROM MIKAEL: NOKIA NSERIES DESIGN AWARD announcement of contest is still available and downloadable on

Monday October 27
  • discussion and evaluation of the projects
  • 14h00 Literature review and discussion
Tuesday October 28
Wednesday October 29
  • Tutoring with Camille from 13h30
Thursday October 30
  • Tutoring with Oskar from 10h30
Monday November 3
  • commenting your code. wikipedia
  • clean and document your code properly (not too much not too little): credits, sources, what it does, special requirements

what files are needed, put everything in one folder

  • consider providing runtime executables, distributing binaries for various platforms.
  • solidify and add robustness: breadboard → perforated board (solder all connections),make your own shield
  • documentation:
    • instructions, README file, video tutorial to setup or reactivate your project
    • prepare a package: sources and all the necessary working files
  • presentation and report:
    • Nov 6 13h00 final presentation of your project (brief, process, results, discussion and self-critique)
    • Nov 14 23h59 submit report. One per project. no layout rules but it needs an abstract (150 words) and should present your project from an educational perspective (brief, process, results, discussion). Add images, source code, videos and illustrations as needed. Do it well, I will review your report and you might need to revise it if it's not satisfactory.
Tuesday November 4
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