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Experience Prototyping 2009

Schedule: TimeEdit updated frequently, check often

Course plan: ided_12-exp_pro_2009_v01.pdf

Dropbox to send/hand-in files:

Weekly Video Reports


Monday October 5
  • 16.00 Introduction to the course, kickoff of the stop motion workshop with Julien Vallée
  • Documents/exercices from Julien:
Friday October 9
  • 16.00 Lecture in Motion from Julien Vallée (Auditorium)
  • Final Stop Motion movie, class effort
Monday October 12
  • 13.00 Discussion about the weekly video reports
  • Literature Review Friday morning: Required readings + an extra one (from the list in the course plan or other). Round-table October 16 at 9h00 + Deadline for one-page written report is October 23 23h59.
  • Technology Review: each student has to pick one of the following topics and report his findings in oral (5-10 mins) and written forms (1-2 A4 pages of text, or wiki page). I can provide resources and documentation to get started. Presentations October 16 at 11h00 + written report due October 16 23h59.
    • Classic screens and displays technology (CRT, Split-flap, etc) [Meng] pdf
    • Modern screens and displays technology (LCD, Plasma, OLED, etc) [Lena] pdf
    • Esoteric displays and lighting [Amid] pdf [private]
    • Positioning: GPS [Maggie] pdf
    • Positioning: others [George] pdf
    • Wireless communication: general concept and radio spectrum [Linda] pdf
    • Wireless communication: Bluetooth and Zigbee [Jordi] pdf, presentation
    • Video/image/sound compression [Terry] pdf
    • Multitouch [Chao] pdf
    • Midi/DMX protocols [Pierre-Alexandre] pdf, presentation
    • Biometric technology [Sisir] pdf
  • 14.00 Toolkits and Frameworks presentation
Tuesday October 13
  • Phidgets with Processing
Wednesday October 14
Thursday October 15
Friday October 16
  • 11.00 Literature round-table, you must have read the mandatory articles + one extra of your choosing [50 MB, 2 hours]
  • 13.00 Technology presentations. Each student will present for 5-10 mins. Hand-in your written report too (wiki page if possible).
  • 23.59 Deadline for technology written report submission
Friday October 23
  • 23.59 Deadline for literature written report submission
Literature review documents
  • Amid Moradganjeh pdf [private]
  • Chao Wang pdf
  • George Paravantes pdf
  • Jordi Parra pdf
  • Lena Edman pdf
  • Linda Bresäter pdf
  • Meng Meng pdf
  • Pierre-Alexandre Poirier pdf
  • Sisir Sangireddy pdf
  • Tae-yeol Lim pdf
  • Ya-Ting Maggie Kuo pdf
Monday October 26
  • Multi Touch madness with Ru :-)
  • Overview of technology, history, styles, jargon
  • Download presentation here ru_multitouchpres.pdf

For mac users, there is a FLOSC app you can download from:

Other links:

Really useful wiki with resources:



  • for getting the number of fingers touching the screen use TUIO.returnBlobs().length

And a book from the NUI Group

Tuesday October 27
  • coding a Multi Touch application AS3

Examples of Multitouch devices:

Wednesday October 28
  • coding a Multi Touch application AS3.. continued
  • a demo of the workshop results can be downloaded from Vimeo just scroll down to the bottom right to get the .mov file
Thursday October 29
  • Arduino and Wireless (mostly ZigBee)
  • Introduction to ZigBee (Notes from Gonzalo Garcia-Perate )
  • Use Series 1 radios only (Series 2 modules can be tricky to work with)
  • Modules are direct drop-in replacement for wired serial communication
  • Manual configuration via AT commands (base station, node) or via X-CTU software Windows-only
  • Important: know your module IDs and the connection speed (baud rate - 19200,9600 or other)
  • Processing Sketch to display all readings from 20 nodes:
Friday October 30
  • DMX: The DMX512 protocol was first developed in 1986 by the USITT as a means of controlling dimmers/lights from consoles/mixers using a standard digital interface. Wikipedia, The Anatomy of DMX512
  • Simple, Robust and Reliable + daisy-chain + relative fast (44 times/sec)
  • Just a series of values back to back (44 times/sec)
  • break - 0 - 0 - 255 - 255 - 0 - …. 0 [512 channels]
Monday November 2
Friday November 6
Saturday November 7
  • Fall Summit 2009 Fritzing workshop, introduction to Fritzing, Arduino. Breadboarding a circuit
Sunday November 8
  • Fall Summit 2009 Fritzing workshop, preparing PCB artwork, etching and building circuit
  • Etchig process
    • UV expose: 2m30s
    • Develop: 20-30s
    • Wash: 1m00s
    • Etch: 5m00s
    • Wash: 1m00s
    • Clean resist: —
    • Polish/rub: —
    • Wash: 1m00s
    • Tin: 5m00s
    • Wash warm: 1m00
    • Enjoy!
Etched PCB Arduino shields
  • Amid Moradganjeh
    private jpg
  • Chao Wang
  • George Paravantes
  • Jordi Parra
  • Lena Edman
    2009.lena_pcb_curtainrollup.jpg 2009.lena_pcb_midicontroller.jpg
  • Linda Bresäter
    2009.linda_pcb_1.jpg 2009.linda_pcb_2.jpg
  • Meng Meng
  • Pierre-Alexandre Poirier
  • Sisir Sangireddy
  • Tae-yeol Lim
  • Ya-Ting Maggie Kuo
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