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 +======Experience Prototyping Fall 2011======
 +Theme: Social Dynamics, get a grip on your crowd.\\
 +The goal of the Experience Prototyping course at UID is to learn and hone your technical and technological skills as tools to develop your designs. Focus is on how you make things, the tools you use, less on what you make.\\
 +Please refer to the [[http://​​english/​education/​courses-and-programmes/​course-syllabus-search/​syllabus-detail?​code=17906|Course Syllabus]] for a clear listing of the learning outcomes. On these wiki pages you find the the hands-on structure of the course that helps you with these learning outcomes.\\
 +We (the tutors) want to challenge and stimulate your creativity on what you make as well.\\
 +Therefore the overall theme for this semesters'​ edition is: interactions between groups of people, natural interactions but also mediated by and influenced by what we design, particularly embodied in devices and/or spaces.\\
 +The whole of the course is set as an exploratory phase in a design project in which we aim to develop a handheld device for visitors of a conference that enables crowd interactions with the speakers, the organizers and simply for the visitors.\\
 +[[courses:​2011_exp_prototyping_week42|Week 42: design sketching for experience]]\\
 +[[courses:​2011_exp_prototyping_week43|Week 43: Sketching Haptics]]\\
 +[[courses:​2011_exp_prototyping_week44|Week 44: Mobile Hacking]]\\
 +[[courses:​2011_exp_prototyping_week45|Week 45: Experimental Image Making]]\\
 +[[courses:​2011_exp_prototyping_week46|Week 46: Bare Metal Code]]\\
 +====Various Resources====
 +[[courses:​various_resources|Various Resources]]\\
 +====Student Blogs====
 +Stoffel Kuenen\\
 +skype: stof_china\\
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