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 +======Experience Prototyping Fall 2012======
 +Schedule: [[http://​​4DACTION/​WebShowSimpleSearch/​5/​2|TimeEdit]]\\
 +Learning Outcomes can be found in the [[http://​​english/​education/​courses-and-programmes/​course-syllabus-search/​syllabus-detail?​code=17906|Course Syllabus]].\\
 +[[courses:​2012_exp_prototyping_week36|Week 36: Video prototyping]]\\
 +//Ruben van Leer and Kay van Vree//\\
 +[[courses:​2012_exp_prototyping_week37|Week 37: Prototyping with game controllers and input devices]]\\
 +//workshop week led by Adam Henriksson and Jules Fennis//\\
 +[[courses:​2012_exp_prototyping_week38|Week 38: Mechanisms and Movement (Interactive objects)]]\\
 +//Camille Moussette and Mikko Pitkanen//​\\
 +[[courses:​2012_exp_prototyping_week39|Week 39: Tangible Webz (Interactive Systems)]]\\
 +//Adam Meyer and David Sjunnesson (Tellart)//​\\
 +[[courses:​2012_exp_prototyping_week40|Week 40: Beyond Prototypes]]\\
 +//Daniel Saakes and Stoffel Kuenen//\\
 +course organisation:​ [[|Stoffel Kuenen]]\\
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