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Experience Prototyping Fall 2015

The goal of the Experience Prototyping course at UID is to learn and hone your technical and technological skills as tools to develop your designs. Focus is on how you make things and the tools you use, less on what you make (you have enough design projects the rest of the year). Each week you'll be introduced to a different set of skills, techniques and technologies for developing your designs, by experts in those fields.
This year, upon students request, we have dropped the idea of an overall theme.
The structure and elements of the course listed below are set up to meet with the Learning Outcomes listed in the Course Syllabus.

What is expected

  • attendance
    • official course hours are Monday-Friday, 9.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00; 15mins coffee (fika) breaks at 10.15 and 14.30; Wednesday afternoons are kept free of planned curriculum;
    • be on time! Not only as a matter of courtesy to your colleagues and teachers. This is a skill building course; you will learn by doing, if you miss parts, you'll miss part of the learning;
    • discuss potential absence ahead of time with course organizers;
  • commitment
    • all teachers are highly committed to you and their subject. The more you commit, the more they will be able to give you their best.
  • pace yourself. People (students and teachers alike!) have been known to work through nights and weekends during this course. Even if such effort can amplify results, it is not a requirement. Remember the course is 5 weeks long and another course starts right after.


  • keep a daily work (b)log; rough, work-in-progress style notes and materials. This will help you reflect on your learning progress and will provide you with portfolio materials;

The following is not optional, if you do not provide these, you will not pass the course:

  • presentation of results on Fridays; Each week's teachers will inform you of the expected form and format;
  • post final results online, link on the respective course wiki pages and publish on the blog.


  • Read the Course Syllabus, to understand the learning outcomes. Please bring any questions up with the course organisers;
  • Read the course pages on this wiki;
  • let the tutors know of any specific wishes and/or concerns;
  • Install on your computer:


Week 36: Aesthetics of Interaction
The week aims to give an overview of central views and problems within aesthetics of interaction design; you will also explore in practice how aesthetics of interaction can be sketched out and prototyped rapidly
Niklas Andersson

Week 37: How to get what you want (electronically and mechanically)
Approaches and attitudes to prototyping and its role in design; Recap opportunity for electronics and programming; Using the workshop equipment (at UID and whatever is accessible around the arts campus).
Rickard Åström (and Stoffel Kuenen)

Week 38: Fundamentals of Filmmaking
Video techniques.
Martin Gärdemalm and Daniel Danielsson

Week 39: Prototyping Fashionable Interactions
Textile Technologies, fashion thinking, garment making techniques and integration of electronics.
Marina Toeters and Marloes Blaas

Week 40: Mobile Hacking
Prototyping for mobile experiences (Android).
Jorge Furuya and Paolo Coelho…

course organisation: Stoffel Kuenen and Rickard Åström

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