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Assignment 1, group C

Brief documentation of Assignment 1 group C:


sketch 1 and sketch 2
sketch 3


Explanation 4Uj0GQmSCIU sketch 2
tIapR3M5OLk sketch 3


Keyword: Sacrifice Sketch 1-3:

In this prototype I explored what it could mean to sacrifice something. I used paper with different thicknesses that I clamped into a spring. By stretching the spring in different ways I could control which paper falls at which time. The options are triggered by holding different RFID tags next to a reader.


sketch 1

sketch 2

sketch 3


Keyword: transform I decided to use the hours to focus on quick but sturdy prototype building, i.e. how can we make connections between different materials. Another topic interesting and challenging for me is mechanism since we've never been fully exploring the field. So the idea here was to build something strong with some basic mechanism.

I did some material research on paper, fabrics and solid materials. Since I would love to have something strong, I chose to go with foam core (and it's easy to find). The first iteration was using nuts and bots to connect foam core, but it turned out to be super heavy that the servo wasn't strong enough to pull the things. Then I quickly built the mechanic arms using Lego bricks. It turned out to be super time-saving, but not flexible enough since you have all the constrains on dimension.

I decided to transform the rotation movement of the servo into a linear movement on the go, which seems super simple but actually difficult to achieve in reality.

Take-aways for the day:

1. You have to either be precise about the dimensions and positions of the components, or be careful to choose one flexible material ( i.e. paper board over foam core), to quickly build up something that works.

2. Weight, weight really matters.

3. Using Lego to study mechanism is super awesome. If you wanna figure out things in the first place, go with Lego.

4. Start with one piece that works and build accumulatively on top of that.

Awesome connection in courtesy of Matthias mdrqV8lhqbE

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