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Maryia Ziankevich



For successful saving and thoughtful spending

Saving and spending are connected yet polar opposites. The two activities have always been performed in parallel scenarios: home vs store, thoughtful vs chaotic. The Covet project looks into bringing the two actions closer to each other in order to benefit from each of their positive aspects. Consequentially, spending will become more thoughtful, when viewed through the lenses of saving. And saving, on the other hand, will become a more active and everyday action if it comes along with spending.

Covet is a symbolic and photographic representation of a small saving goal that user sets along with his personal saving plan. Here, based on the budget and spending trends, the user can choose to allocate money for saving by category or to create a self-tax for undesired purchases. When the set budget is reached at the store, Covet heats up and changes color to warn the user that the money allocated for the user's saving is about to be spent. The picture of a saving goal on the Covet exposes like a true Polaroid photograph. Day after day, deposit after deposit, the image on the covet becomes clearer until the covet comes true.

Covet saving tool

Heat feedback for overspending

Self-tax saving technique

The project logbook -

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