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Literature Circle Fall 2010

June - August: Recommended summer reading
We have compiled this list of suggested readings for new students to browse before joining the IxD programme.
Please note that you are not required to read or buy all of them, but we recommend that you look at a handful.

September 10: Design Theory
Fällman, D.: The Interaction Design Research Triangle of Design Practice, Design Studies, and Design Exploration, p. 4-18, in Design Issues: Volume 24, Number 3, Summer 2008. MIT Press.

September 17: Haptic Interfaces (Camille's mid-PhD seminar)
Moussette C. & Dore F.: Sketching in Hardware and Building Interaction Design: Tools, Toolkits and an Attitude for Interaction Designers, DRS 2010, Montreal.
Moussette, C.: Feeling it: sketching haptic interfaces, SIDeR 2009, Eindhoven.
Sennett, R.: The Craftsman, Yale University Press. 2008.

October 1: Design Practice and Reflection
Schön, D.: Educating the Reflective Practitioner. MIT Press. 1983.

October 8: Dynamic Data Visualisation
Macdonald, H., & Yulle, J.: The Social Life of Data Visualization, p. 28-31, in Interactions: January - February 2010. ACM.
How Different Groups Spend Their Day ‐ 2009. Link
19.20.21. by Richard Saul Wurman, 2009. Link
We feel Fine by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, 2010. Link API

October 14: Documentary Photography
Mitchell, W. J. T.: Picture Theory: Essays on Verbal and Visual Representation, p. 281-322, University of Chicago Press, 1995.

October 21: Swiss Typography
Altmann, C.: Basic Exercises in Graphic Design, Forsbergs School of Advertising, Stockholm. 2010. Link

October 28: User Studies
Bloj, M.: User studies for graphics, SIGGRAPH 2009. Article: bloj_user-studies-for-graphics_2009.pdf
den Buurman, R.: User-centred design of smart products, in Ergonomics, Volume 40, Issue 10 October 1997, p. 1159-1169. Article: buurman_user_studies.pdf

November 4: Tara Mullaney's personal choice
Dunne, A. & Raby, F.: Design Noir: The Secret Life of Electronic Objects. Section 3 and 4: design_noir_34.pdf
Chapman, J.: Emotionally Durable Design: Objects, Experiences and Empathy, Earthscan Ltd. 2005. Chapter 3. Attachments with objects: emotionally_durable_ch3.pdf

November 11: World Usability Day 2010
Doug Engelbart interviewed in "Designing Interactions" by Moggridge, pages 24-37 Required reading
Video from the chapter mentioned above Additional material
World Usability Day Additional material
Doug Engelbart's INVISIBLE REVOLUTION Additional material

November 17: Work Practice and Situated Learning
Suchman, L.: Human-Machíne Reconfigurations: Plans and Situated Actions, 2nd Edition, Chapter 4: Interactive Artifacts, Cambridge University Press. 1987 & 2007. suchman_2007_ch4.pdf

November 25: Creativity and Flow
Csikszentmihalyi, M.: Creativity - Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, Chapter 5: The Flow of Creativity, HarperCollins Publishers Inc. 1996. csikszentmihalyi_1997_ch5.pdf

December 2: Touch Interfaces
Villamor, C., Willis, D., & Wroblewski, L.: Touch gesture reference guide, touchgestureguide.pdf
Brown, S.: Hands-on computing, Scientific American, p. 64-67, July 2008. scientificamerican0708-64.pdf

December 9: GUI Design Craftsmanship
Walsh, J.: Why you should keep programmers away from your GUI. Designing Interactive, June 22, 2010.

December 16: Being on the Stage
Heath, C., & Heath, D.: Making Presentations That Stick. in Made to Stick, Random House, 2007. makingpresentationsthatstick.pdf

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