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IxD1 Literature Circle fall 2015

Literature Circle groups Group A Group B (updated 19 Oct 2015)

group A Schedule - updated november 23
group B Schedule - updated november 23

Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1996). The Flow of Creativity in Creativity: Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention. New York. Chapter 5

Hermans, G. (2015). Chapter 4: The Role of Technology and Chapter 10: Principles and Guidelines of Lay Design in Opening up Design. Umeå Institute of Design. PhD Thesis

Davoli, L. (2015). The Drone Postbox in Transtructures. Prototyping practices for the transition of Industrial Infrastructures. Umeå Institute of Design. Chapter in PhD Thesis

Janlert, L-E., & Stolterman, E. (1997). The character of things in Design Studies Vol. 18, Nr. 3, p. 297-314. London. Article,. (2015). Doug Engelbart 1968 Demo. Retrieved 15 September 2015, from demo

Markoff, J. (2005). From pranksters to PCs in What the Dormouse Said. New York. Chapter

Easterling, K. (2015). An Internet of Things in e-flux. Retrieved 16 September 2015, from

Dorst, K. (2006). Design Problems and Design Paradoxes in Design Issues, 22(3), 4-17. doi:10.1162/desi.2006.22.3.4. Pittsburgh. Article

Manovich, L. (2007). Information as an Aesthetic Event. Retrieved 16 September 2015, from Article

Norman, D. (2003). Emotion & design: attractive things work better. Interactions, 9(4), 36-42. doi:10.1145/543434.543435 Article

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