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Aitik Study Trip Itinerary

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NOTE: The cost for the bus trip, accommodation and Sami museum entrance fee are fully covered by the project, but you have to pay for or bring your own food during the trip.

Recommended packing list:

  • Good boots (there is no snow in Gällivare at the moment, but there might be some on Sunday evening)
  • No fancy clothes - you will borrow protective boots, hard hat and safety west at Aitik, but it might get messy for you.
  • Camera (SLR or mobile) - we have photo permission at the Crusher Units
  • Notebook

SUNDAY Oct 25 (Note: Standard Time starts this day - no more Daylight Saving Time)

Route map of trip to Gällivare

10.00: Bus departures from UID Göstas buss - pre-visit tutoring sessions on the bus (around 30 minutes per group)
13.00: Pit stop in Piteå for lunch and resting
14.00: Bus continues to Gällivare
17.00: Arrival and check-in at Gällivare Camping

Accommodation: Hostel standard in rooms with 3-4 beds. Men and women sleep in different rooms. Bed sheets are included and we have to clean (vacuum) on Monday morning before check-out.

From 17.30: Time to buy food for dinner and breakfast or cook your own dinner (Ten-fifteen minutes walk to the centre of Gällivare with ICA Supermarket and restaurants - ICA is open until 22:00 on Sundays).


Route map of trip to Umeå

06.30: Wake-up, eating breakfast (prepare your own) and cleaning the rooms (vacuuming)
07.20: Checking out from the hostel
07.30: Pick-up by bus (chartered by Boliden) for transport to the Aitik mine
08.00: Arrival to the Aitik mine - meeting rock breaker operators and guided tour through the mining area

Contextual user studies: We will only have a few hours with the operators, so be prepared to get very little time for each group for interviews and observations.
We will be visiting two Crusher Units with rock breakers at Aitik: (1) a big Crusher Unit with place for 12 observers, and (2) a smaller Crusher Unit with place for 6 observers. The two units are located on different sites in the mining area, so a bus will transport us between the two units.

12.00: Possibility to eat lunch buffet at the Aitik Mine Canteen (pay for your own lunch - bring cash or creditcard)
13.00: Departure from Aitik with our own bus - post-visit tutoring sessions on the bus (around 30 minutes per group)
14.30: Arrival at Ajtté Museum in Jokkmokk for guided tour of the exhibition
15.30: Departure from Jokkmokk with our own bus
19.00: Arrival at UID


Day off

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