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5ID079 Project 2: IxD1 General Product (fka Service Design)

Course responsible:
Stoffel Kuenen
Lars Johansson
UID Tutors:
Niklas Andersson
UID Additional Teaching and support:
Rickard Åström
Brendon Clark

Course Syllabus 5ID079
cited from Syllabus:
The overall aim is to provide students with practical experience in designing a product or a system that caters to a broad user group. The project provides a platform to explore techniques and methods in the context of design ethnography and participatory design. The project allows students to discover and think critically about design ethnography and participatory design through a combination of practical experience and the experience of others.

Students work in groups throughout the project

The final results can include software-hardware products, services, or organisational frameworks depending on the results of the studies in design ethnography and participatory design. The results are presented in the form of visualisation of user observations, sketch models, interface views, reports and screen-based digital presentations.

Course setting

During this course students will work on two different projects in parallel, in different groups for each project.
The overall educational goals for IxD students relate to both projects. Thematically the two projects have some parallels. The different project contexts are maintained clearly separate.

Project A: Achieving Symbiosis - Living with Intelligent Systems

in collaboration with Microsoft Research, working in a team of UID IxD1 students.

MSR Design Expo 2016 website
MSR Design Challenge 2016 - this is the general brief written by MSR

Some related readings and links (please add):

"Man-Computer Symbiosis", 1960 article by Licklider, referred to in the MSR brief. (accessible from within UmU network)

"On chat as Interface" article on Medium (2016-02-27)
The future of Tangible Interfaces:5 Insights - article on FastCo.Design (2016-02-24), discussing some of the research and designs presented at the TEI'16 conference.

Project B: Volkswagen Quality Time

in collaboration with Volkswagen, working in a team of UID TD1 and IxD1 students.

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