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UID's 2011 degree show theme collective braindump, by the IxD2 crew, yo

WHAT IF (teasing sentences)


- What if you could share accommodation with the others more enjoyable?


- What if you could get things done?


- What if you could not use your eyes “to watch” this teaser?


- What If we could engage more witnesses around a crime if the police knew that others in the area would be first to see, if they only were alarmed?
- What if help to a crime is closer than the police is?
- What if we could improve our channels to ask for help about city damage?


- What if you learned to play piano like you learned your native language?

What if (Brainstorming about the degree theme)

What happened to fresh fruit?
Care for some fresh fruit?
Where does idea juice come from?
Fruits+UIDmixer=Idea Juice
Fresh fruit juice to go
What if we had an amazing theme??
Charlie gone crazy
Designer's galore!
What if what!
What if, what?
What if the martians came?
What if the user wasn't right?
what if designers had the final word?
what if design was free?
what if we had no pencils?
what if was a lie?
what if the future didn't happen
what if we were geniuses?
what if we were the future of poetry?
What if designers were poets?
What if we had a really good statement?
What if you were not here?
What if we waiting was fun?
What if anything was designed?
What if you aim for emotional profits??
What if you could design life?
What if money was not important?
What of they were no emotions?


Dan Hill (Arup)
Kevin Slavin (Starling, ex-Area/Code)
Matt Webb (BERG)
Chris Heathcote (Anti-mega)
Durrel Bishop (Luckybite/RCA)
Paul Bennett (IDEO)
Colin Raney (IDEO)
Robert Fabricant (frog)
Jan Chipchase (frog)
Diller Scofido + Renfro (Architects)
Nisse Simonsson (brain surgery)
Fun theory creators
Cordy Swope (IDEO / CORE77)
Ben Fry (Fathom/Processing)
Jack Schulze
Don Norman (Emotional Design Psychology)
Erik Demaine
Richard Reynolds
Guerilla Gardening
Massimo Banzi
Nicholas Zambetti
David Kelley
Dan Formosa (Smart Design)
Bill Buxton
Fredrik Härén
A.J Jacobs
Bill Valentino
Kevin Slavin
Dan Hill
Swiss Miss
Irene Au

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