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 +==== UID's 2011 degree show theme collective braindump, by the IxD2 crew, yo ====
 +=== WHAT IF (teasing sentences) ===
 +- What if you could share accommodation with the others more enjoyable?​\\
 +- What if you could get things done?\\
 +- What if you could not use your eyes "to watch" this teaser?\\
 +==Joachim== ​
 +- What If we could engage more witnesses around a crime if the police knew that others in the area would be first to see, if they only were alarmed?\\
 +- What if help to a crime is closer than the police is?\\
 +- What if we could improve our channels to ask for help about city damage?\\
 +- What if you learned to play piano like you learned your native language? ​ \\
 +==What if (Brainstorming about the degree theme)== ​
 +What happened to fresh fruit?\\
 +Care for some fresh fruit?\\
 +Where does idea juice come from?\\
 +Fruits+UIDmixer=Idea Juice\\
 +Fresh fruit juice to go\\
 +What if we had an amazing theme??\\
 +Charlie gone crazy\\
 +Designer'​s galore!\\
 +What if what!\\
 +What if, what?\\
 +What if the martians came?\\
 +What if the user wasn't right?\\
 +what if designers had the final word?\\
 +what if design was free?\\
 +what if we had no pencils?\\
 +what if was a lie?\\
 +what if the future didn't happen\\
 +what if we were geniuses?\\
 +what if we were the future of poetry?\\
 +What if designers were poets?\\
 +What if we had a really good statement?​\\
 +What if you were not here?\\
 +What if we waiting was fun?\\
 +What if anything was designed?\\
 +What if you aim for emotional profits??\\
 +What if you could design life?\\
 +What if money was not important?​\\
 +What of they were no emotions?\\
 +Dan Hill (Arup)\\
 +Kevin Slavin (Starling, ex-Area/​Code)\\
 +Matt Webb (BERG)\\
 +Chris Heathcote (Anti-mega)\\
 +Durrel Bishop (Luckybite/​RCA)\\
 +Paul Bennett (IDEO)\\
 +Colin Raney (IDEO)\\
 +Robert Fabricant (frog)\\
 +Jan Chipchase (frog)\\
 +Diller Scofido + Renfro (Architects)\\
 +Nisse Simonsson (brain surgery)\\
 +Fun theory creators\\
 +Cordy Swope (IDEO / CORE77)\\
 +Ben Fry (Fathom/​Processing)\\
 +Jack Schulze\\
 +Don Norman (Emotional Design Psychology)\\
 +Erik Demaine\\
 +Richard Reynolds\\
 +Guerilla Gardening\\
 +Massimo Banzi\\
 +Nicholas Zambetti\\
 +David Kelley\\
 +Dan Formosa (Smart Design)\\
 +Bill Buxton\\
 +Fredrik Härén\\
 +A.J Jacobs\\
 +Bill Valentino\\
 +Kevin Slavin\\
 +Dan Hill\\
 +Swiss Miss\\
 +Irene Au\\
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